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City Space Lights

a Song By Daniel Pumarejo
Release Date March 9th 2020
Duration 1:36
Times Played 53
Downloads 9
Lyrics No

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City Space Lights is a copyright free song that is meant to be used on PixelArt based projects, just like videogames developed for online platforms or mobile devices in 2D. This song has an old school atmosphere ambiented on old games like battle city, tetris, arkanoid etc.

This copyright free track requires a license with attribution, this means that you are free to download and include this song in any type of multimedia project (YouTube, Vimeo, Online video platforms, websites, animations, movies etc.) as long as you credit Puma-Studios.com on it. For more information, don't forget to visit the licensing page for more information about what you can or cannot do.

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